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Mark Cleveland, former commercial deepsea diver with over twenty years active experience. Worked from tender through the ranks to project manager. I spent years learning my craft in the mudholes, and saturation units around the world.

I collect unique commercial diving artworks. but have found that quanity does not mean quality. For the last four years I have worked, as time and inspiration have permitted, to put together works which depict some of what diving has meant to me.

The larger works are limited edition prints. I print on high quality gloss or matte paper. I also offer a simple frame with non-glare glass.

Print sizes vary, but most average out to 16in x 20 in, 24in. x 36in. , 36in. x 45in. There are slight variations in size. Larger custom sizes are available. upto 48in. wide by 60in height.

Prints are done at 4000dpi via a special dry durst print process.

There are (2) artist proofs of each work. (24in x 36in and over) Prints 1-250 are numbered and signed. Prints 251-500 are numbered only. Complete sets of my works are avaiable in matching numbers, at least for awhile.

Prints are priced at $35.00 per sq.foot Prints that are framed including non-glare glass are priced at $45.00 per sq.ft.

16in. x 20in. (avg. size) prints : un-singed and un-numbered, aprox. price $99.00

The 24in x 36 sized prints: average $275.00 framed including non-glare glass.

The 34in x 40 in prints average $450.00 framed including non-glare glass.

Shipping will be at cost.

The examples shown in the "Gallery" have an electronic watermark included which will NOT show up on the prints. The examples shown in the "Gallery" have been reduced to fit the folder and thus lack depth and defination. The printed pictures are beautiful.

You can contact me at: Mark Cleveland

Home Phone: 512-353-0920 Home Fax: 512-353-0922 email:

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Title: "Arctic Waters":
Title: "Bell Diver":
Title: "Bubbles":
Title: "Deep Air":
Title: "Diver with Flange":
Title: "Flower Gardens at Night":
Title: "The Kelp Forest":
Title: "Night Dive in Blue":
Title: "North Sea Diver":
Title: "Open Water":
Title: "Overengineered":
Title: "The Basics":
Title: "The Dive Team":
Title: "Buck Island":
Title: "Cane Bay USVI":
Title: "Freeport Grand Bahama Island":
Title: "The San Marcos River":
green diver:
anode inspection:

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