Patrick McKeever's Background Information

To date the working diver as a subject in fine art has been almost non-existent. Other than a few fanciful illustrations little has been done in this area. The reason for this is fairly obvious: few people have even the vaguest notion of a diver's work or the tools of his trade. Recently, however a fine sculpture has been produced by an artist who knows fully every aspect of the modern commercial diver.

The artist, Patrick McKeever, is a former oilfield and salvage diver of twenty plus years. Patrick is a member of the Texas Society of Sculptors and has earned a fine reputation as a sculptor in wood. he recently put his mallet and chisels aside to devote his talent and energies to a series of bronze sculptures dedicated to the working diver. These sculptures will depict the diver doing the various tasks that divers perform in their day to day working life.

The first of this series is titled " The Hard Way". Cast in bronze and mounted on a Hulean Green marble base, this sculpture is accurate in every detail. Perfect for a desk display, it stands 9.5 inches high, and is 12.5 inches long, and depicts a diver in classic heavy gear hammering up a pipeline flange with hammer and hammer wrench. Patrick felt that this historical perspective of oilfield diving was the obvious choice to begin the series. He is currently working on a companion piece in modern dress. Subsequent pieces will depict the modern diver in contemporary dress.

"The Hard Way" is a limited edition of thirty pieces. After these pieces are cast, the mold will be destroyed, never to be repeated. This fine sculpture is now available to the publice, for a price of $3,000.00 US dollars. "The Hard Way" is available through: Double Creek Studio, 2883 Arroyo Doble, San Marcos, Texas 78666, 512-353-4462, or by Contacting the page master: Mark Cleveland: or 1-800-687-7145

Delievery time is: three months.

Since only thirty pieces will be cast, and sales have been made, I urge you to order as soon as possible. A deposit of $1,500.00 US dollars will secure the piece. The ballance will be due immediately before dilievery.

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